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Makeup in the Morning

Good morning, self! Time to paint your long night away on that beautiful canvas you wake up to every 3d eyelash extensions .

3d eyelash extensions3d eyelash extensions
3d eyelash extensions

Rstll First very important rule of thumb: Clean your face! Be sure your face is clean of any dirt or makeup that may have been left from the night before. A good facial cleanser and toner should assist you in this. I recommend using a hot wash cloth to gently wipe dirt away as well.

Don’t forget to moisturize! Use a light moisturizer after cleansing and be sure to let it dry completely before applying any actual 3d eyelash extensions.

Now; depending on your complexion and needs; concealer becomes a very tedious process. There’s those red blemishes that simple concealer can’t fix on its own. The trick; green! A green cover stick applied to blemishes or red spots well allow your concealer to 3d eyelash extensions, and cover up any of those tricky red fallacies left upon your face.

Yellow! Yellow cover ups are used to correct blue colored bruises and those dark circles around your eyes.

Finally, the purple cover ups help conceal yellow toned bruises and those really, really dark circles left from that horrible night you had with your husband before.

Next step to perfection; foundation. I recommend a liquid foundation, but your skin type determines the type of foundation you need. Most makeup lines carry a variety of liquid foundations for the very many skin types we all have to endure during certain phases in our life. If you tend to have oily skin; I recommend applying a powder foundation in addition to your regular liquid 3d eyelash extensions.

This helps absorb any oils your face may produce throughout your day, helping eliminating break outs and blemishes. Please note though, if you have dry skin skip the powder and find a liquid foundation formulated for dry skin. I would also highly recommend using a cold cream during your morning cleansing process. This helps soften skin throughout the day.

Rosy red cheeks. Powder foundation tends to be a better for those with oily skin. However, I prefer the crème blush myself. I find that it is much easier to blend in that right shade and desired color by rubbing it on with your own fingers; appearing more natural.

For flirty eyes use a light eye shadow. Nothing over powering; choose a shade that accentuates your eye color but doesn’t hide it. Darker shades tend to shrink your eyes, making them less visible. Don’t overdo the eyeliner either, if you have almond shaped eyes and want that wide eyed look apply very minimal to the lower lash line and skip the top 3d eyelash extensions.

If you feel you need your eyes to appear smaller, apply to both your lid and lower lash line. Lastly; mascara! Load up on the stuff but not to the point where it clumps up and stick together. Slowly apply from the root of the lash up and try to add as many coats as you can without looking like Elizabeth Taylor.

And to complete your look, put on some Chap Stick and then a tinted lip color or lip balm. Enhance your natural lip color; don’t hide it! Great! With proper makeup application, you’re ready for whatever the day throws your way and you’ll look fantastic doing it!

3d eyelash extensions3d eyelash extensions
3d eyelash extensions

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