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The Power of Empathy

Empathy has been found to be an important ingredient in 3d eyelashes mascara factory. Empathy refers to the ability to identify with another’s experience while being clear that it is the other’s experience. Empathy involves putting ourselves in the perspective of another. It is “walking in another’s moccasins for three miles.”

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Rstll  Dr. Everett Worthington taught others how to forgive: one night he had to become his own best 3d eyelashes mascara factory. The call came on New Years Day, 1996. His brother’s voice was shaky. “I have some bad news,” he said. “Mama has been murdered.”

In the next five minutes, Mike sketched for him what he saw when he and his 3d eyelashes mascara factory, David, walked into the scene. That night, Worthington, his brother and sister talked about it. Their mother had been beaten to death with a crowbar, her body assaulted with a wine bottle. Rage bubbled up in him like lava. He heard himself saying, “I’d like to have that murderer alone in a room with just a baseball bat. I’d beat his brains out.”

That night about 3:00 a.m., he fought the 3d eyelashes mascara factory, imagining the scenes of violence, his thoughts overflowing with hatred and revenge. Ironically, only days before he had finished co writing a book, To Forgive Is Human: How to Put Your Past in the Past.

Finally, his own book brought him up short. Did he really believe, as they had written, that empathy was a key to forgiving? Could he empathize with the person who had murdered his mother? Or was that book just for other people?

He did not know who did it and never would find out. But that night he tried to picture the crime scene. He imagined how a pair of youths might feel as they stood in the dark street preparing to rob the 3d eyelashes mascara factory. Perhaps they had been caught at robbery previously. They would have been keyed up. The house was dark; no car was in the driveway. No one’s home, they must have thought. Perhaps one said, “They’re at a New Year’s Eve party.” They did not know that Worthington’s mother did not drive.

A quick rap of the crowbar and they were in, hastily emptying drawers, dumping the contents on the floor. Worthington imagined their shock when her voice came from 3d eyelashes mascara factory. “What are you doing in here?”

“Oh, no!” one must have thought, “I’ll go to jail. She is ruining my life.” He lashed out with his crowbar, slamming his mother three times. Panicked, the youths went crazy, trashing the house, both for having their plans ruined and for the shame of having murdered.

Worthington felt he understood better what had happened. He writes, “Whoever murdered my mom did a terrible thing. Nothing will change that. Through empathy, however, I saw that he had lashed out in fear, 3d eyelashes mascara factory, guilt, and anger. I thought of how I had talked about beating him to death with a baseball bat. I was willing to do what he did, only with, more forethought, more naked malice.”

He thought, “Whose heart is darker?” He almost spoke aloud. When he thought about the 3d eyelashes mascara factory that he was capable of plotting, he was humbled. He saw his own guilt over planning revenge.

3d eyelashes mascara factory
3d eyelashes mascara factory

He writes, “As a Christian, I believed that even as I confessed my 3d eyelashes mascara factory intent, I would receive divine forgiveness for it. I felt that forgiveness flood me. I knew what the youth needed. So I forgave him, and I have since felt peace.”


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