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Makeup for Droopy Eyes

Has anyone ever told you that you have “puppy dog” eyes? If they have, then you have the “droopy eye” eye shape. This eye shape is where the outer corners of your eyes are turned slightly downward, or they seem lower than the inner corners of your eyes. There is a pretty simple way to apply eye artificial mink eyelash to de-accentuate that eye shape and make your eyes appear more open and lifted.

artificial mink eyelash
artificial mink eyelash

Rstll The trick is simple. You want to keep all eye artificial mink eyelash off of the very outer corners of your eyes. If you apply makeup in the outer corners, it drags them down more and actually makes your eyes appear droopier than they already are.

Here is a step-by-step easy way to apply your eye artificial mink eyelash. You will use at least three shades of eye shadow: highlight is the lightest shade, midtone is darker, and the accent is the darkest shade. In order to provide a visible “lift” to the outer corners of your eye, do the following:

1. Apply the highlight shade to the brow bone and eyelid as well as the inner corner of the lower lash line.

2. Be careful with the midtone shade, proper placement will lift the outer corners of your eyes. Apply the midtone shade slightly in from the outside corner of the eye. You will then sweep the color upwards and in across the crease and into the inside corner of your eye – (but not onto the sides of the bridge of your nose!) Also apply the midtone shade along your lower lashline using a thin, flat eyeliner brush. You will start slightly in from the outside corner and brush it across to the inside corner. I know I said don’t put anything in the outside corners, however, applying a little midtone shade across most of the entire lower lashline will help it blend with the accent shade later on.

3. Apply the accent shade slightly in from the outside corner and sweep it up and into the crease, not going as far across the entire eyelid as you did with the midtone shade. Just like with the midtone shade, go over the lower lashline with an eyeliner brush, but you will start slightly in from the outside corner (go slightly further in than you did with the midtone shade). If you start at the beginning of the outside corner, you will only accentuate that part of the eye, drawing it down.

The best trick for applying artificial mink eyelash for droopy eyes is to make sure that the eye shadow on your top lash line and bottom lash line to not meet at the outer corner of your eye. This is the perfect way to give the outer corners a lift. Also, you will create a softer look by using an eye shadow across the lower lashline instead of an eyeliner. Using an eyeliner here will make your eyes look too harsh and will tend to drag the eye downward.

Also, when using mascara, concentrate the color on the middle and inside lashes. If you place a lot of mascara on the outer lashes, guess what happens? The corners are accented and your eyes will look droopy again.

artificial mink eyelash
artificial mink eyelash

One of the greatest secrets to eye artificial mink eyelash application is to use brushes designed for that purpose! Next, be sure you are using a good skin care program. Your skin will have a healthier glow and your makeup will glide on easily. To learn how to do this, grab your Free Guide titled “Guide to Healthy, Beautiful, Wrinkle and Blemish Free Skin.”


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