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Choosing the Best Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for brown eyes is considered as a very easy affair that is why brown-eyed beauties are definitely lucky. They have the opportunity to try various looks and colors. Both light and dark best siberian mink lashes for brown eyes looks fine. Some women look bad when experimenting on some colors but the majority of these colors look good on brown-eyed women. Like I said previously, you are really lucky!

best siberian mink lashes
best siberian mink lashes

Best Eye Shadow

Rstll Shades like purple, violet, blue gray, brown and plum are a few of the shades that look great on brown eyes. Bronze and gold that are labeled as best siberian mink lashes overtones often enhance one’s eye color. When applying eye shadow, remember this thumb rule – tones that are lighter compared to the natural color can be used to create a subtle look whereas shades which are darker and more powerful will lend a dramatic look.

Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Next step of the make up for brown eyes is the use of best siberian mink lashes. You can experiment different colors of eyeliners if you have brown eyes. You might like to try using bronze, dark blue, dark gray and golden brown.

Before applying eye make up for brown eyes, you must decide first what look you want to achieve. When striving for a natural look, line the eyes by using eye shadow and apply minimal eyeliner. For a more dramatic look, pair dark eye liner with light eye shadow. Example, pair the light pink with aubergine colored liner or mauve e using plum eyeliner.

Here are some suggestions that might be helpful for you.

• Light shades like champagne, taupes, light pink, brown as well as peach will help your eyes open up, you might want to give them a go.

• Using a pink eye shadow, you may apply a deeper shade in the crease of your eyes in order to make them look bright.

• You can have a misty look when you use a grey shadow and best siberian mink lashes.

• Using shimmery colors of eye shadow can make your eyes look bright and alive.

Always remember that when you put on eye liners, light tones will make the eyes look bigger and darker shades will shape and make them smaller. No matter what look you might like to get, always pick out your colors carefully.

best siberian mink lashes
best siberian mink lashes

All I have shared are basic and general best siberian mink lashes for ladies with brown eyes. As you test out various shades and mixtures, you will see for yourself exactly what fits you and what doesn’t. In case you really want a certain style of make up and you noticed it looks nice on you, develop it. At the end of the day, make-up is a very individualized thing and if you are at ease with a certain style, look or combination of colors, and you are able to carry it off with confidence, what else do you need?


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