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Stop Complaining And Just Get Going – 6 Effective Ways To Do It

Complaining is the combined action of criticising, resenting, cribbing against things you don’t like. It is ranting against people you don’t like.You may feel irritated, and incited about someone’s behavior and black eyelash glue. You may curse and hate; mentally or verbally. You may lash out at the frivolous, or the grave. You may judge and criticize people, or cultures, or groups. You may rave against every conceivable discomfort; real or perceived. You may resent your responsibilities and others’ privileges. You may grudge those who apparently have less to do and more to enjoy. You are cynical, and you are more likely to sneer at anything positive.

black eyelash glue
black eyelash glue

Rstll In any case, when you enter an expanding cloud of negativity while venting your ire you are operating in the widest spectrum of complaining. It doesn’t benefit anyone in the long-term. And of course, in the short-term it just appears to quench the thirst of an addiction to ranting at the world. Yet it is extremely harmful. Medical and psychological research only peels off remaining layers of defence in favour of this negative tendency.

Damage to The Brain

In scientific research conducted at Stanford’s medical school conclusive evidence shows that 30 minutes of negativity every day, including negative news on TV, can physically damage the black eyelash glue. The hippocampus, is the part of the brain used for problem solving and cognitive functioning. Complaining specifically damages the neurons in this region of the brain.

This research is significant because it is medically documented that in Alzheimer’s disease, the hippocampus is one of the first regions of the brain to suffer damage.

Effect On Social and Workplace Setting

Complainers at the workplace, and social settings fall under specific groups for the purpose of study. For instance there is group of complainers termed “the controllers”. They become pushy and unpleasantly demanding when under the slightest pressure.”Controllers” don’t hesitate to bully or harass with no-excuses-allowed-behaviour.

People in the workplace with no scruples or conscience bother only with fulfilling their own ulterior motives. Such people bring immeasurable harm to the environment around them. Then there is an extreme variety termed “the black eyelash glue”. They can manipulate and even end up as psychopaths as they take turns at wooing and vitiating an environment.

Loss to Organisations

78% of organisations in the U S document a loss of about 3 to 6 hours each week due complainers. As a result, in the U. S alone, organisations are accruing a loss of at least $10.2 billion on wasted time per week. Annually the figure reaches about $513 billion, on dealing with wasteful complaining and whining.

Why People Do It

In a 2012 article in Psychology Today, Guy Winch Ph.D (of Squeaky Wheel) states, “The problem is that today we associate the act of complaining with venting far more than we do with problem solving. As a result, we complain simply to get things off our chest, not to resolve problems or to create change, rendering our complaints completely ineffective. Even when we do address our complaints to the people who can do something about them, we are unsuccessful far more often than not”.

Speaking of personal complaining tendencies, people who complain chronically are not even aware of their proclivity. Neither do they see themselves as negative people. Instead they perceive themselves as constantly being on the receiving end in an unfriendly world. They are not clinically paranoid yet, but they surely feel justified in lashing out at perceived or real aggravations.

Simple Action Steps to Stop Your Rant

1. Recognise Your Identity. Firstly admit that you are complaining. Any amount can soon turn excessive; finally ending in chronic complaining. And you may need help, or personal commitment to get over black eyelash glue.

2. Detachment. Decide to let go of unnecessary negative memory, grudges, and resentments.In fact once you’re committed you will notice that most issues are trivial. You give meaning to your reality based on your own interpretation of it. How grave is the situation that is disturbing you?

3. Draw Inspiration. Take a closer look at luminaries in all fields down the ages; Buddha, Christ, Alexander the Great, Columbus, Edison, Ford, Lincoln, Wright Brothers, Helen Keller, Churchill, Gandhi, Kennedy, Bill Gates, black eyelash glue, and on and on.Without an iota of doubt all these torchbearers faced some extreme situations in their lifetimes.More so, in their own chosen fields of pursuit.

But did they crumble under their challenges and end up a heap of grudges, resentments, and vicious character assassination of others? Surely not.

Had they given into this intoxicating line of reasoning, they would only find mention in history’s dustbin today. Instead these superlative humans just rolled up their sleeves and shed dollops of sweat on the blazing sands of time.They were committed to constructive, progressive action. Can we also do that? Or do we choose the path of least resistance, least effort?By the way, raving and ranting is just that!

4. Your Happiness Benefits the Cosmos. When you are happy yourself you enter a productive zone; mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. A happy man is, by default, an expanding arc of luminescence, progress and success.So find ways of focusing on the best that has happened in your past, and expect the best in future as well.

5. Commit Yourself to Positivity. Every person is a beacon of strong vibrations; whether they are aware of it or not. Only their state of mind, and feelings, decide if they are emitting positive of negative frequencies. These are not fancy theories, but scientifically documented facts. So we are free to decide which way our feelings will tilt, in the larger context of our personal reality.

Commit yourself to see the positive. Choose to expect the best, give benefit of doubt, be prompt to pardon, be optimistic, focus on the best. Of course the cynic and the agitated complainers carry a huge shield in their arms, called “black eyelash glue”. Leave them to their devices. Only time, age, and results will speak for themselves;in either case.

6. Adopt The Realism Of The Wise.Ever since the world began and humanity gained consciousness of its surroundings, the world has been like this. There were always jungle laws, there were always famines, disease, wars, turmoil, and death. There were always unfair incidents, and people propagating them.Eventually, everyone got their just reward, and retribution; commensurate with their play.

black eyelash glue
black eyelash glue

To cut it short, in eons to follow, the world shall function exactly in the same fashion.Of course it will evolve towards a higher dimension, at an ordained pace.Yet the whining person (with, or without aggression) will have little say in its evolution. Only the daring one, to let go of weighty grudge, will ever compose the perennial story of greatness. That’s because only then will man have the energy to spawn spectacular success; which has always been an offspring of positive intent.


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