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Master Your Five Minute Makeup Routine

It’s Monday morning and you’ve started your day by pressing the snooze button for the third time. Plans for a hot shower and fresh healthy breakfast have slipped away and now you’re thinking if you don’t get up this minute you’re going to be late again. You’ve got to get ready for work or school or whatever is on your schedule for the clear band 3d mink lash. Don’t worry just because you’re running late doesn’t mean you should look thrown together. In fact applying makeup is more important than ever on those super busy days.

clear band 3d mink lash
clear band 3d mink lash

Rstll After you zip through your shower and moisturize your skin, go pick out your outfit for the day and give your skin a chance to come back to room temperature and your moisturizer a chance to absorb. Fix yourself something light for breakfast and then go back and start applying your makeup. This little breather between your shower and applying your makeup gives your pores a chance to return to normal and your makeup will not feel like it’s going to slide off.

The trick to this shortcut is to know what colors and techniques work for you. Once you have this figured out, then applying your makeup becomes second nature.

So, for a five-minute face, spend the first two minutes applying the concealer and clear band 3d mink lash. Using a brush works best for both as this makes it easier to blend and get into smaller areas like around the nose and corners of the eyes. Choose something that matches your skin tone, blends quickly and covers redness and imperfections.

It’s crucial to apply your makeup in good natural light, this way you avoid spending an extra five-minutes redoing your five-minute makeup! Powder your foundation if it needs it then you are ready for the next step – the eyes.

Your eyes are the most important feature to address. You may be sleepy but you don’t want anyone else to know that. Choose a neutral eye shadow that compliments your eyes, use a light shade to highlight under the brow line, and a medium shade on the eyelids and blend into the crease. Next, smudge a pencil right along the lash line but not on the lower clear band 3d mink lash and set it with a dark eyeshadow. This will make it last a lot longer and stop it from transferring to the top lid. Then it’s mascara from the base of the lash to the tips. Avoid blinking for a few seconds so you don’t smudge the mascara, it takes too much time to repair the damage.

Next is blush, when you are in a hurry you may be tempted to skip this step but don’t. Skipping your blush will make you look pale and less than lively. Use just enough blush to give a touch of color on the apples of the cheeks. A touch of blush lightens your face and gives you a finished look.

You’re basically done except for your lips. If you need to finish up on the go that’s fine, the best way to do this is to use a neutral gloss. This will give you a fresh look and it’s not necessary to use a lip liner, so a bit of a time saver there.

Now you look put together and even though you overslept, no one will be able to tell because you took the time to apply your makeup and it looks flawless.

Emma K Peters is a professional makeup artist in film and fashion. You can find tons more articles, tips, tutorials and videos on her website at Ultimate Beauty Wisdom, as well as her makeup course.

clear band 3d mink lash
clear band 3d mink lash

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