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Yves Saint Laurent Makeup – Does It Have A Place In The History Of Makeup?

A century ago, hot beads of wax, when added to the eyelashes, was a substitute for mascara. Petroleum jelly was another. A pancake custom eyelash packaging was invented by T.L.Williams who introduced the first mascara which was actually named after the inventor’s sister. Pressed powders appeared in the early 1920s; complete with a mirror and a puff. Next, came powder blush. At around the same time, Maurice Levy invented the metal lipstick case.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

Rstll Visible make up became ubiquitous in the late 1920s, when lip gloss was introduced. Later, a pastel pearly pink color called Strawberry Meringue became a rage in the sixties.

Red lipstick appeared in new shades. A range of eye custom eyelash packaging colors insured that heavily lined eyes marked the ’70’s and ’80’s. In recent times, styles of the past have been blended to bring back a more natural look that was popular in the latter half of the seventies. Anything that deviated from the natural norm, such as eyeliner and painted-on eyelashes, were rejected, and the accent shifted to softer looks.

Hundreds of cosmetics, in a wide variety of colors and uses, give modern women an embarrassment of choices. Those who want to look younger can opt for chemical skin peels, skin hydrators and rejuvenators, or even a surgical facelift.

Yves Saint Laurent made a late entry into cosmetics but claim to have carved a niche for themselves, in cosmetics history, nonetheless. The founder, Yves Saint Laurent, before starting his company, worked with Christian Dior – a name to reckon with, in the cosmetics world.

The company offers a wide range of products. These include accessories, perfumes, jewelry, and custom eyelash packaging and fashion wear. In the Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics range, there are specialized makeup kits, dedicated to improving the user’s overall looks, complexion, eyes, lips, and nails. The products include blushers, moisturizers, eye shadow, foundations, eye liner, and lipstick, among others.

Yves Saint Laurent claim that creating products with unquestionable quality alone will help them retain customer loyalty, rather than gimmicks, like offering freebies. They claim that, as a result, they have been able to win the trust of millions.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

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