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Men Wearing Makeup – Why Would They?

Because we live in such a youth oriented world in which how young and attractive you look, male or female influences just what you get out of life romantically and socially. Its not surprising that men are starting to adventure into the womans world of extra long mink eyelashes.

extra long mink eyelashes
extra long mink eyelashes

Rstll  Did you know that in the 50’s great icons of the time wore extra long mink eyelashes? Elvis, James Dean, Marlon Brando just to name a few. They knew that to stay out in the crowd they had to do something difference, each had their own style that including wearing some makeup at all times.

The number one problem men come up against if they decide to wear extra long mink eyelashes is it might bring them across as “gay” or “vain”. Wearing or not wearing makeup has nothing to do with their sexual choices but it seem that looking all natural is better. Or is it?

Number two problem he might come up against is where to buy extra long mink eyelashes that has been created for men not just using what we as women might use. He might not feel comfortable walking into a department store to buy mascara. Besides how is he going to know which one is best?

When asked, the number one product men ask about is concealer. Just because you might not think he cares about how he looks in truth he does. He stares at his skin issues as much as a woman does, he just thinks that asking for your help makes him seem less than a man. How far from it but its ingrain in all of us that men just don’t wear makeup.

Good grooming is such an essential these days, so its not surprising that a man with skin extra long mink eyelashes may want to cover up it up. Problems such as blemishes, under-eye areas, razor nicks, sunspots, redness or possible discoloration from acne scaring. Are these not the some of the same reasons why women use concealer?

In our youth obsessed world, it’s not really surprising that there are now major companies that have created cosmetics for men. You can find a few online today, and just to name a few. Overseas doesn’t have such issues of men wearing makeup as we do here in the United States.

When talking about men wearing makeup we are not talking about the full face anything goes that you find on rock stars, we are talking about ways of enhancing his look without over doing it. Wearing mascara that just tints the extra long mink eyelashes to enhance is already amazing eyes making him stand out more in the crowd may not be such a bad thing.

If he is going to wear makeup its going to be makeup on his terms not yours. With the number of extra long mink eyelashes for men being concealer there are other products he might be interested in as well. For example a tinted moisturizer that does two things, moisturizing the face as well as adding a little color as to give that natural glow of youth.

Once we get over the fact that men wearing extra long mink eyelashes isn’t changing him into something he is not, there is not reason why you should fault him for doing so. Wearing makeup doesn’t make a man vain or gay or anything more that what he is. Besides who wants to be kissed by chapped lips? Does him wearing lip balm making him any less than a man? No, not at all, it his way of showing he knows that to kiss you he needs to have kissable lips, do we not do the same thing?

extra long mink eyelashes
extra long mink eyelashes

Because of such pressure that is being putting on men to staying younger looking, we have men skincare on the extra long mink eyelashes , grooming tools, dyes for gray hair, it is not surprising at all that men are adventuring into wearing cosmetics as well. With more men finding that visiting spas are amazing, having a facial that helps with acne adding concealer to cover up is just a natural choice. Men are men no matter what, and wearing a little makeup isn’t going to change that fact, so get over it and let him be a little adventuresome. You never know, you might like going out with someone who cares enough to take care of himself, and that means wearing a little makeup so be it.


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