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Put Your Fairy Godmother to Shame – 10 Minute Makeovers

Getting pretty is no joke when it comes to women. It will take us such a long time to get ready that sometimes it can really test your patience if you are the one who is on the waiting end. However, there are so many easy eyelash packaging for one to be able to reduce prep time in just 10 minutes, and at times fewer than 5, if you are really good at it.

eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging

Rstll Here are just some of the 10 minute makeovers that will literally put your fairy godmother to shame. These makeovers can be changed from day to night. So go ahead and choose the look that suits you best!


1. The Makeover (face): From Dewy to Golden

This look is perfect for the summer time. Getting the healthy, dewy look on your face gives out such a beautiful eyelash packaging!

Dewy Day:

One way to get that dewy glow is to prep your face with a moisturizer.

1. Add definition to your features by applying highlighter on your nose, cheeks and brow eyelash packaging.
2. Choose a blush that is closest to your skin tone in order to get that naturally flushed cheeks. If you want dewy cheeks, choose a cream blush instead.
3. Apply a pretty pale pink/nude lipstick and then top it with gloss.

Hair: Use Velcro rollers to get romantic waves. Loosen the curls with a wide toothed comb.

Golden Night:

  1. With a brush, outline your face (forehead, temples, brow bones, jaw line, and chin) using a matte bronzer.
  2. Highlight the features of your face using a white, shimmery eyelash packaging on the bridge of your nose and the top of your  brows.
  3. Apply a light berry colored gloss to give your lips a just-bitten look.

Hair: Put your hair up in a simple updo

2.The Makeover (eyes): From Wide Eyed to Glam Seduction

Eyes are the windows to your soul. Give character to your eyes by highlighting its features.

Bright Wide Eyes:

1. Use a light colored liner, such as peaches or whites, line your eyes along the lower water line.
2. Sweep a golden bronze eyeshadow all over your eyelash packaging.
3. Line your upper lash line with a soft brown eyeliner.
4. Add mascara.

Hair: Divide the hair into two sections (front and back). Lightly tease the back part of your hair. For the front part of the hair, make a side part. Then sweep your hair in a neat ponytail ans secure with a hair tie.

Glam Seduction:

1. Go dark by opting a darker eyeliner for your lids.
2. Apply a dusky eyeshadow then add volume to your eyelash packaging with two coats of mascara.

Hair: Remove the tie, but still keep the ponytail in place using your hand. Let the bottom part of your hair loose and secure the upper part of your hair with a clip. Curl the ends of your hair to create soft waves.

eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging

Indeed, you don’t need superpowers to get ready. These 10 minute makeovers can really turn you into a beautiful eyelash packaging princess with just a few tricks.

Reena Mariel, author of Beauty Is My Duty, your online resource for beauty tips and tricks for the average girl.


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