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Stage Makeup – A Primer

There are a number of different elements to stage false eyelash extensions. This is a brief overview of the basics.

false eyelash extensions
false eyelash extensions

1.Rstll  Foundations provide a base coat. There are three types:

a. Creme foundations are easy to mix and blend, go on smoothly and look natural under stage lighting.

b. Matte foundations provide a versatile blend of high pigmentation and natural coloring in a fine, textured crème. Apply with a sponge and dampen for a lighter finish.

c. Color cake foundations apply quickly and work well for body false eyelash extensions applications. Easily applied with sponge and water, they also make a great base coat for white face or other character foundations.

2. Highlight and shadow are applied after foundation to rebuild facial features which are washed out by lighting and distance. Highlight and shadow are also used to change the appearance of the facial structure and to create the desired illusion for a particular character.

3. Concealer is applied beneath foundation with a flat or dome brush. Blend, then powder lightly before applying foundation. For intense discoloration, carefully apply additional layers of neutralizer.

4. Rouge is available in either creme or dry cake form. They may be used independently or creme rouge may be applied first and set with dry rouge. Apply creme rouge with fingertips. Apply dry cake rouge with a soft, full brush.

5. Cake eyeliner, applied with water or LiquiSet and a fine-tipped brush, is the easiest for most people to use. If heavy perspiration is likely to be a problem, liquid eyeliner may work better (FinalSeal is also an option for overcoming heavy perspiration).

6. Mascara is used to color the ends of the lashes, making them look thicker and the eyes larger.

7. Lip liner is placed around the outer edge of lipstick to accentuate the lips’ shape and heighten their contrast with the general face false eyelash extensions.

8. Lipstick is used to enhance or mask lips.

9. Powder is used to set the false eyelash extensions after completion. Brush a thin veil over the entire face with a powder puff and remove excess with a powder brush.

false eyelash extensions
false eyelash extensions

The creative application of these false eyelash extensions elements allow you to achieve just about any look you might want.

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