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Can I Safely Wear Makeup While I Have Acne?

One of the most common “Remedies” for acne is to cover it up with high quality mink 3d lashes. This is not a new practice as it has been going on for centuries.

high quality mink 3d lashes
high quality mink 3d lashes

To answer the question completely you must understand the basic cause of acne.

Rstll Acne starts when the sebaceous glands, the oil producing glands of the skin, secrete more oil, sebum, than the skin can handle. This excess sebum then combines with dead skin cells and then this mix in turn clog the pores of the skin. This can be caused by many different factors such as hormonal changes, stress, foods, dairy products, etc.

Acne can occur at virtually any age. Although it is most common in teenagers, it certainly is not uncommon in adults. In fact, about 50% of females suffer acne outbreaks sometime in their lives.

Most high quality mink 3d lashes is formulated using oil based, or oil derived, products mixed with fine powder. Since this combination is basically the same mix as sebum and dead skin cells, it should not be used or at the worst used sparingly and cautiously.

To worsen the impact of using this type of product, it is quite common for the wearer to apply it several times a day and then not completely clean it off at night. If you have acne or are acne prone, you should avoid this type of high quality mink 3d lashes.

There is available high quality mink 3d lashes that does not use oil or oil derived products as their base. These can be used in most cases but the same caution to use it sparingly and cautiously is recommended. With these products it is also strongly recommended that all traces of the product be thoroughly cleansed, not simply washed, from your face every night before going to bed.

A third type of high quality mink 3d lashes is now available which appears to offer a better solution. Mineral makeup has the ability not only to provide the cosmetic properties of other makeup it covers acne blemishes better than other makeup and soothes your skin to a natural flawless complexion.

In addition to the properties already mentioned, mineral high quality mink 3d lashes is actually good for the skin as it:

• Provides a protective shield against the environment,

• Is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory,

• Contains vitamins A, E, and D plus lavender based aromatherapy oils

• Is non-comedogenic (will not clog skin pores),

• Has virtually zero allergy risk,

• Has natural nutrients to replenish the skin and neutralize free radicals,

• Is endorsed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Like with so many other good ideas there is one big caution to watch for, be sure the product you purchase is pure mineral high quality mink 3d lashes and meets the criteria stated above. It should never be combined with other items, especially oil or oil derived products.


I’m Susan Baker and I have been a licensed, professional aesthetician in Oregon for nearly 20 years. I have treated many clients with acne and have found that following a daily routine of washing or cleansing your face, and following a weekly routine of deep cleaning your pores you can prevent most acne breakouts.

high quality mink 3d lashes
high quality mink 3d lashes

For those who do have high quality mink 3d lashes, I offer advice on how to treat pimples, prevent acne scars, and even pop pimples.


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