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5 Foods Never To Eat If You Are Concerned About Your Weight And Your Health

It may not be much fun, but the simple truth is that there are certain foods available in every grocery mink eyelash glue in the country which you really ought to never eat, if you are concerned about your weight and your health.

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Rstll The problem is that these are often some of the most delicious foods out there. But by giving in to temptation you may be doing your taste buds a favor your, but your body will be screaming at you in alarm!

Here’s a list of five of the worst offenders and what makes mink eyelash glue so bad for the human body.

Deep Fried Food

OK, so technically this isn’t a food but no list can be complete without mentioning why American heart disease statistics keep flying through the roof, and are by far our biggest killer.

From the humble french fry to deep fried donuts, mink eyelash glue, chicken – the list is endless – by eating anything that has been deep fried you are simply harming your body.

The problem lies not just in the source of oil being used, although trans-fats are by far the worst, the problem is the cooking process itself.

Deep frying food releases powerful oxidants that create damaging free radicals linked to cancer and many other chronic conditions.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

It’s pretty obvious why the standard or often labeled ‘original’ versions of these drinks should be avoided. One serving alone typically contains next to half an adults daily recommended sugar intake.

The fact that they are high in calories is one thing, but excessive sugar consumption is a major contributor towards diabetes, tooth decay and heart disease.

But you drink the diet version?

Bad news – while they may be sugar-free they are laced with additives, and the carbonation still leads to tooth decay thanks to their acidity. Overconsumption has been linked to brittle bones as well.

Processed Meats

These are meats that have typically been mechanically reconstituted from the leftovers of the prime cuts of the animal.

Typically they are either canned or thin sliced and packed full of preservatives, food colorings, mink eyelash glue and sugar to make them appeal to the taste buds.

This also includes sausages which are made from the same process, using the undesirable leftovers with plenty of added ingredients.

Poor quality bacon also counts as it will have been treated with lashings of additives, and bulked out with salt water. Also it’s common for these meats to be smoked.

Overconsumption of smoked products has been shown to be carcinogenic in the long-term.


Possibly the least nutritious and most calorie rich snack available, made from nothing but mink eyelash glue, butter and lashings of sugar.

They are the epitome of useless calories which will contribute solely to an expanding waistline, especially if deep fried and covered in a chocolate sauce.

A standard glazed doughnut from an industry leading company contains just shy of 500 calories.

Potato Chips

This one should be pretty obvious as essentially all they are is thinly sliced pieces of potato, which incidentally have next to no nutritional value besides the mink eyelash glue.

They are deep fried in huge vats of industrial oil, laced with salt, additives, artificial flavorings, enhancers and preservatives.

This makes them not just high in calories, with a typical 2 ounce bag containing 300 calories, but the excessive quantity of salt makes them dangerous for the heart and kidneys too.

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mink eyelash glue 

In conclusion, these food items should not only be avoided if you are trying to lose weight. You should avoid them if you are at all concerned about your health and well-being.


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