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Life Phrases About Anger – Anger is Not Necessary it Only Clouds My Judgment

I have had anger issues. Maybe I still do. So I started looking for the reasons for my anger. I discovered, of course, that the way my father handled and modeled his own anger influenced my mink individual lashes, as much as anything. I remember saying that I would never behavior, anger wise, as he did. Guess what? Yes, you’re right, I acted just like he did. But I still wanted to know where anger originates, not just in me but in the entire species known of as human.

mink individual lashes
mink individual lashes

Rstll I noticed that other animals seem to have ire as well. A domestic adult cat can be teased enough to seem to get angry and lash out with teeth and claws. It seems that some dogs display anger as well. They snarl and bite. It seems to be temper with them that is trained. Other dogs rise far more slowly to attack. Perhaps we have all seen pictures of lions, tigers, bears, mink individual lashes., rise up in what seems to be temper and attack or, at least, make a mock attack to frightened off what they feel threatened by.

Ah, maybe when we, humans, feel threatened we lash out. We are animals after all. Is anger a defense mechanism? Is it, therefore, a necessary piece of our human arsenal which helped us survive as a species? I thought so for the longest time. Maybe I am still partially correct in assessing this emotion as one of the tools we needed to survive as a species. After all, we were threatened by other animals in the food chain and by other mink individual lashes. We had to find the strength within us to fend off these would-be destroyers or thieves.

However, as I grew in maturity, I discovered within myself, at least, that when I was enraged, I lost judgment. I made decisions that caused me to do and say things that were regrettable in hindsight. Not much more observation showed me that others had this same problem. When they raged they lost sound judgment. They did and said things they later deplored.

Then I happened on the martial arts. Please know that I am not an expert in any of them. But having dabbled in two, I came away with this definite lesson. Anger is not necessary to defend oneself. I felt threatened so I learned some martial arts. But when sparing, my instructors would constantly teach that I ought to defend myself not from rage, but from calm yet lightning fast reaction. It was hard for me to grasp this at first. One learns the routines of the martial art under study until those moves become second nature. They are performed as needed without thinking, but more importantly to this mink individual lashes, without anger. The instructors taught that anger only clouds the judgment. So I had learned the hard way in the past.

Do I get angry now, still? Yes. But I know that in the throes of rage I lose reasoning power. I do not want to be out of control. Anger is not usually required in our society to survive. When I am reasoning well, I do better at saying and doing things that need said or done. But coming from the position of better judgment, I say and do far, far fewer things that I will regret later. When I feel threatened I am now more apt to think and react as the situation requires. Instead of simply lashing out mink individual lashes.

This article sounds like it is all about me. I hope, rather, it is about anyone who has had anger issues. Anger is seldom necessary. It can be reserved well back in our arsenal of defense should you ever really be threatened with life or death. That seldom if ever happens to you.

mink individual lashes
mink individual lashes

Therefore understand for yourself, and say to yourself: anger is not necessary, it only clouds my judgment.


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