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Six Most Important Makeup Brushes For Every Lady And How To Use Them

1. The Duo natural mink fur false eyelash Brush
This brush is produced with the combination of synthetic and goat natural mink fur false eyelash which is most suitable for blending and buffing of colors. It has feathery head with circular and flat shape which enables it to build lightweight coverage of liquid, powder or cream. It is mostly used to bled oils and creams into the apples of the cheek with the brush for a small removal of shimmer powder from the neck ad/none marrows.

natural mink fur false eyelash
natural mink fur false eyelash

2. Foundation Brush
Rstllv As can be seen by the name of the brush, natural mink fur false eyelash brush is specifically designed for application of liquid foundation to the skin. It is an inbuilt fitted packed bristles of different lengths to enable it to achieve the ultimate smoothness and non-stripy finish. In using foundation brush, the foundation is first applied to the face before using the brush to spread it thoroughly. The need to have a foundation brush ranges from the fact that it is more hygienic to use, saves your hands and fingers from getting stained, and helps you evenly spread the foundation.

3. Angle Eye Shadow and Base Brush
When you are in need of eye shadow brush, there are many options to choose from. However, these aforementioned brushes are the most popularly used. You can use the eye base brush to apply different colors to your eyelid. It comes wide and flat with leveled edge for smooth application without having an injury to the eyelid by pulling it. As soon as the base color has been used, you can then use the angled eye shadow brush for color layering.

4. Beauty Blender Brush
The beauty blender brush has a sponge that can be used from the broad sides to make the natural mink fur false eyelash on the face smooth. It can be used to reach the creases within the nose area and other smaller areas.

5. Smooth Powder Brush
This brush was created to be used with a loose powder. It is applied by fine sweepingly dusting the powder lightly on the skin surface for a smooth and soft result. This method is used for the brush to prevent heavy coverage of the powder which most times lead to fine lines highlights and distortions. You can also use it to reduce excess powder on the face. You can also use it to reduce excess powder on the face.

natural mink fur false eyelash
natural mink fur false eyelash

6. Flush Eyeliner Brush
This is used to apply deeply into the lash line the natural mink fur false eyelash for a crystal and more precise eye. It can be used by brushing up gently upwards to make the line soft and blended for a bristle eyes.


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