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The Top Makeup Turn-Offs For Men

Women most often rely on the looks that are being sashayed on the runway as an inspiration for their private label Mink Eyelashes. We all know that makeup is one of the best ways that can lure a man. However, there are some looks that are considered as great turn-offs. Here are some of the top makeup turn-offs for men that women should stay away from.

private label Mink Eyelashes
private label Mink Eyelashes


Heavy foundations and powders.

Rstll Foundation is used to cover any discoloration on the face so that it will look clearer. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pack on a lot. Guys generally like women who don’t put too much private label Mink Eyelashes on. If you feel that your makeup is too cakey, try to look at yourself in the mirror, or try to take a picture. A great tip is to apply concealer first to cover your imperfections so that you don’t have to use a ton of foundation. Also, choose a foundation that is as close to your skin tone as much as possible.

Neon Lipstick

Putting on bright lipsticks such as oranges and fuchsias may be fun, but for guys, it isn’t flattering at all. If you want to impress a guy on a first date, it would be a wise move for you to NOT wear these colors on your lips. You may probably wear it during a girl’s night out, or during fun photo shoots, but don’t wear it if you want to impress a guy.

Bold Eyeshadow

We have recently seen this particular private label Mink Eyelashes trend on the runway. If something looks good on the runway, don’t try to copy this look spot on (unless you plan on copying this look for a photo shoot). It takes common sense to downplay this look so that it will be more appropriate. Make the look a little bit more subtle if you want to use it on a daily basis.

Fairly Thin Brows

Men won’t generally feel comfortable looking at women with thin eyebrows because it isn’t as natural looking. If you really have thick eyebrows, there is a great way for you to shape them properly so that over plucking will be avoided. Remember that eyebrows frame your face. Fuller private label Mink Eyelashes makes you look youthful while thinner lashes create a more mature look.

Rosy Cheeks

Bright rosy cheeks can sometimes make a person look like a clown. private label Mink Eyelashes that give off a more natural finish is much more preferred. Putting too much blush on your cheeks can definitely be avoided if you know how to do it properly. Just apply a light dusting on the apples of your cheeks and you’re good to go.

Two Toned Lips

This would probably be on the top of the list for the world’s ugliest trends. A really dark lip liner combined with a light-colored lipstick makes for an unflattering combination. Try sticking to a lip liner that goes well with your lipstick. Another option is to fill in your lips with lip liner and then layer your favorite lipstick over it.

And so my friends, these are the top private label Mink Eyelashes turn-offs for men that one should seriously consider. You always need to remember that what looks good on the runway doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look good on you. Think about different ways to make it work. Tone down your make up, apply foundation with a light hand, and downplay bold colors. The main purpose for wearing make up is to accentuate your features. You don’t have to look overly done in order to make yourself appear trendy.

private label Mink Eyelashes
private label Mink Eyelashes

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