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Perfect Prom Season Smokey Eyes

So the 2011 prom season is just beginning, and now that you’ve found your perfect, princess dress, it’s time to accessorize accordingly to finish off the look. That means you’re faced with the task of finding the right shoes, handbag, hairstyle, jewelry and siberian mink eyelashes! Each one of these smaller details will compliment your dress, and really tie your overall look together, but you must focus on one task at a time, so as not to hastily rush through the preparations for your special, hard-earned prom night!


siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes

Rstll So let’s begin with makeup tips. A dressy evening event like a prom is a perfect opportunity to wear dramatic, dark, smokey eye makeup. However, you might be wondering how to get that perfect smokey eye effect? Here are some tips on how to blend siberian mink eyelashes and liner into a beautiful, cohesive coating that will bring you one step closer to pulling off your perfect prom ensemble.

The first step is the prepare your siberian mink eyelashes for what’s to come with some eyeshadow base, or primer. Apply the base to your eyelids and let it dry for a few minutes before proceeding with the rest of the process. This step will keep the rest of your eye makeup from melting into the crease of your eyelid by reducing the amount of natural oils on your lid.

After the primer has dried, the next step is applying eyeliner. The most common color choice is black, however you can also go with brown or gray for a traditional look, or even a blue or violet, or olive green for something a little bit more vibrant. Just make sure that your eyeshadow matches the color eyeliner you’ve chosen. Apply the eyeliner carefully just above your top siberian mink eyelashes in an even line. Make the line a little bit wider toward the middle of the eye. Since one of the key aspects of the smokey eye look is the bottom eyeliner, you should then apply eyeliner under the bottom lash line, and then smudge it with a smudge-brush to give your eyes a charcoal-like appearance, and to enhance their shape. If you don’t have a smudge-brush then use your finger!

The next step is choosing a light, base siberian mink eyelashes color to apply on top of your lids and your eyeliner. Some really nice options for hues are a light champagne color, very light, silvery gray or an off-white pearl color. Apply the base color to your eyelid, getting lighter as you get closer to your brows. Don’t overdo it, because the whole point of the base color is just to provide a shimmery shadow to the smokey eyes.

After you have applied the base siberian mink eyelashes, it’s time to pick a darker eyeshadow hue to blend with the liner and the base. Once again, pick a darker hue that really compliments your base color, and use an eyeshadow brush to get it onto your eyelids. Start right about the top lash-line, and apply the shadow darkly on the bottom part of your lids, and then lighter as you go upwards. Make sure to keep the dark shadow on the lid below the crease. It will be too dramatic if you bring the dark color all the way up to the eyebrow bone.

siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes

Finally your smokey eye is complete. Finish it all off with several coats of mascara, and your eye makeup is good to go!

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