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Using the Simple Makeup Techniques, Even You can Change the Shape of Your Eyes!

It doesn’t matter the size or shape your eyes, with the proper silk false eyelashes techniques you can change the shape of your eyes. You can make your eyes appear bigger, wider and even more dramatic with these simple easy tips.

silk false eyelashes
silk false eyelashes

Rstll Do you have small eyes? Use pale color up to the crease, contour crease with a dark, smoky color, smudging often. This will be your most important
color area. Stay away from super dark colors or dark eyeliner. Apply shadow over the lids and a line of medium shadow in the crease.

Repeat pale lid color on brow bone just under your silk false eyelashes. Then apply from center of your eye to outer edge of brow. Line your eyes with a coordinated, smoky liner, using the smudge method.

Do you have close-set eyes? You can visually separate close-set eyes by using light shimmery shades at the inner corner of each eye. This will give
the illusion of more space. Line the outer half of your eyes with darker eye shadows.

Do you have deep-set eyes? The problem with deep set eyes is they need to come out of hiding and be seen. Start off by using a pale eye shadow
all over the lid but only the lid. Line with a pale eyeliner and smudge the two together.

Do you have wide-set eyes? You can bring your eyes together by applying a dark color of eye shadow at the inner corner of each eye. The apply a
lighter color of eye shadow at the outer corners of your eyes.

If you just want to make your eyes look bigger, how about this model’s secret. Use a pale, shimmery eye shadow in a peach or a pink shade on the
lid and in the inner corner of your eyes, right near the bridge of the your nose. This will create a brightening effect that will in turn make your eyes look

As with all eye silk false eyelashes techniques these tips will become easier to do if you take the time to practice. Look for other techniques on helping you create
the eyes of your dreams using simple easy eye silk false eyelashes ideas.

silk false eyelashes
silk false eyelashes

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