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Makeup Tutorial – Vampire

Silk lash manufacturers Tutorial – Vampire Seductress

silk lash manufacturers
silk lash manufacturers

With the growing popularity of vampire movies of late, it seemed appropriate to offer a tutorial on how to do your silk lash manufacturers in a way that looks like a seductive vampire. (Or is that “vampiress”?)

First, you need to start with a totally monochromatic base. You want to use the lightest foundation shade, but not stark white, to create the base. Use twice the amount of foundation that you would normally use. Apply it evenly on your face and neck, and blend with a sponge as necessary.

Rstll Do not use any concealers, since you want the natural purple shade under your eye to actually be enhanced. Apply translucent finishing powder around your silk lash manufacturers to set the foundation and create a good base for the next layer of makeup. Use loose powder to set all your foundation to even and smooth the coverage. Vampires, after all, have very smooth skin.

Define your nose by using silk lash manufacturers that is two shades darker than your flesh tone. Apply it vertically along the sides of your nose, and blend the edges to look natural. Highlight the bridge of your nose with a lighter tone, and blend.

Darken your eyebrows. Avoid using black, but make the brows look as similar as possible, and as dark as you can. They need to be strong, but not more powerful than your eyes.

Apply rust-colored eye shadow to your lids, starting deep inside the socket, and fade it out to the sides. Then apply the same color on the lower lash line. Then use a dark brown on the outer V of your eyes and blend with the rust. Then use black eyeliner and rim your eyes. Apply to both the lower water line and the upper lid line. Smudge the liner with a small brush, and pull some out to the side for a ‘cat-eye’ shape. With a fluffy brush, blur the lower smudge. Then apply black eye shadow on the outer V. Then curl your silk lash manufacturers and apply black mascara.

Use a burgundy or wine-colored blush, and apply to the hollows of your cheek. Then use a wine or black cherry lipstick color. Using a brush on the lips to keep the edges crisp and defined. Lip gloss helps the lips pop.

Lastly, add either colored contact lenses (red or gold), and if you want, you can adhere fangs which you can buy at a costume silk lash manufacturers. Use denture adhesive to attach the fangs to your teeth.

silk lash manufacturers
silk lash manufacturers

Be sure to adjust the lighting of your silk lash manufacturers vanity table to simulate the lighting of where you will be going out, and make sure the eyes and cheeks look hollow in that lighting. If you have to use a bathroom makeup vanity, turn off the overhead lights first.


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