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Glamor Photography – Do I Really Need to Know About Makeup?

To answer this question now: yes, you do. Or if you don’t want to apply silk lashes wholesale yourself you need to at least understand some of the basics. Your photography is going to rely heavily on make-up so it stands to reason that you should know something about it. Being ignorant is not the best way to approach your photography and will ultimately let you down.

silk lashes wholesale
silk lashes wholesale

Rstll When broken down to key elements, silk lashes wholesale is not that confronting. There are really only several steps you need to know about the application of make-up. These are in sequence: apply base or foundation make-up, define the eyes, apply blusher to cheeks and finally outline the lips. That’s it! Fairly straightforward isn’t it?

If you wish to control make-up with your photography, you need to acquire the above application skills. If not, you will have to hire a professional, and they are expensive. Either way here are some tips that you need to check along the way.

1. Keep foundation light and natural. Match the color to the skin on the models neck or chest.

2. Concealers are important for covering dark shadows and blemishes (freckles, acne etc.). Be careful though; anything made darker will fall to dark shadow and anything made lighter will be obvious.

3. Blend all silk lashes wholesale application well. For the best results use professional grade brushes. They are usually bigger and fluffier than those that come with normal cosmetic products.

4. Apply blush to the cheek bones and gently blend it out before the hair line. Care is required here as this is where your lighting picks up tone and form.

5. Cover the skin with talcum powder before applying tanning cream so that any exposed areas are visible.

6. With the eyes apply a neutral basic cover first then build on this. If using pencils apply on top of the base. If using powder, lighten the silk lashes wholesale with translucent powder first so the shadow will sit better. Emphasis can be applied with eyeliner. Use a thin line and carefully blend.

7. Blot the lips well after applying color and apply some gloss for a sensuous appearance.

8. Use reflected light form umbrellas or reflectors to make the face appear shadowless. Translucent light through diffusers also works very well.

9. A soft focus lens or filter with the lens sopped down will also smooth out the skin.

10. Expose 1 stop over mid-gray to optimize for skin tones.

11. Experiment with warming filters such as light magenta and red to provide a warm glow.

silk lashes wholesale
silk lashes wholesale

Exploring these tips will provide you with some basic understanding of the elements of silk lashes wholesale. It is an acutely necessary area in glamor and fashion photography and you need to learn all you can to provide the client with professional images.

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