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The Best Mineral Foundation and Makeup Brushes

Any good factory supplies private label artist will tell you that the brushes are as important as the makeup application itself. Brushes can create a perfect finish helping to move the makeup around the face in a fluid manner and giving you the control you need for blending. Brushes should be used for every part of your makeup routine from applying your base, through to blusher, highlighting and applying your eye makeup. There is an amazing array of brushes available on the market and if you are new to these tools the following brushes are a great place to start:

factory supplies private label
factory supplies private label

concealer brush: Rstll This makes it easier to apply your concealer in those hard to reach places like the corner of the inner eye and the lash line

Eye shadow brushes: factory supplies private label brushes come in three sizes, the largest is to be used for applying your base eye color, a smaller brush for applying a color in the crease and a thin chiseled brush for getting in to those hard to reach places around the rim of the eyes. The flat small fluffy bristles are designed to give you precision, in order to apply your eye makeup correctly

Angled brow brush: This is a toothbrush style brush used to comb brows in place that can then be set with a gel, helping to achieve a perfect finish

Blusher brush: The wide rounded shape and angled sides of this particular brush help to get your blusher application exactly right on the apples of your cheek

Foundation brush: The best mineral foundation application for that completely flawless finish is to use a brush that will help to effortlessly blend in your factory supplies private label base, to make it look as natural as possible so that it doesn’t just sit on the surface of the skin

Powder Brush: The tapered head of this brush works to cover all the contours on the face, use it to seal in your base and then give it a tap and dust off any excess powder

Lip Brush: Always use a brush when applying lipstick for a precise look. The brush allows you to get right into those hard to reach corners without smudging and will help to give your lips definition. Look for a brush that has a firm dome shaped end that will help you to keep the color within your lip line rather then smudging it over the edges

There are many kinds of factory supplies private label brushes available, the synthetic ones although cheaper have courser and stronger bristles but can tend to scratch the face and won’t give such a smooth finish. Natural hair brushes are the preferred choice, they tend to be softer and are usually made from sable, squirrel, or even goat hair. Obviously the better the brush the more expensive the bristles. If you want to achieve the highest quality look then you have to choose the best brushes. Blending matters and the finer the brush bristles the better the final result your makeup will be.

Now that you have your application down to a fine art you need to consider your base. The following article looks at the best mineral foundation helping you to create that flawless finish.

factory supplies private label
factory supplies private label

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